Data is powerful and ubiquitous, but is it accessible?

We are living in a world that can be made better with data-informed decisions. My goal is to facilitate these decisions by making data consumable, actionable, and beautiful.

I create custom data visualizations—from ideation to design phase, from analysis to full-stack implementation.

My toolbox is ever-changing (d3.js, React, Python and Figma are some of my favorites), but my guiding principles are constant: I am goal-driven, hungry to learn, and eager to encourage a data-driven workplace and society.


Data Viz Today podcast - Assistant Producer
July 2019 · present
  • produce a segment called "Viz Tips" (check out the end of this episode, e.g.)
  • provide feedback on content
  • curate visualizations to feature on the show

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Summer Volunteer
July 2015 · Aug. 2016
"creating fun & friendship for seriously ill children and their families"

Sofar Sounds - Ambassador & Avid Fan
Feb 2016 - December 2018
  • promote Sofar Sounds and local artists
  • act as liaison between artists and Sofar
  • write music-related content

Open Source Contributer
  • majority contributor to Marquez, a metadata exploration platform

Side Hustles

Data Visualization Coding Tutor
April 2018 · present
  • Tutor students (enrolled in the Data Visualization Masters Program at Parsons) in Javascript

Data Visualization Society - Contributing Writer
April 2018 · present


Live Music ~ Guitar
Jiu Jitsu ~ Soccer ~ Yoga
Spontaneous Dancing
The Great Outdoors
Icons made by Dave Gandy, Chanut, and Freepik from


Fullstack Development ~ UI/UX Design & Prototyping Data Visualization


JavaScript + Typescript ~ CSS + SCSS ~ HTML
Python ~ R ~ SQL

Libraries and Frameworks

React ~ React Native ~ Redux ~ d3.js ~ AngularJS ~ Vue.js

AngularJS ~ Node.js ~ Express.js

Pandas ~ Seaborn ~ Material UI

Testing Frameworks & Libraries

Jest ~ Enzyme ~ Jasmine ~ Mocha ~ Chai

Databases + ORMs

MongoDB + Mongoose ~ Postgres + Sequelize ~ CouchDB

Deployment & Dev Ops Tools

Docker ~ Firebase ~ Google App Engine

Amazon Web Services ~ Netlify ~ Heroku

Design Tools

Sketch App ~ Figma


Git ~ Agile Development ~ Google Fu


Copilot @ Xaxis @ WPP
Software Engineer, Visualization
New York, NY --> remote
Jan 2020 - current
  • designed & built a number of data viz products (AB Testing, Insights package, predictor algorithm)
  • established a data viz culture on the team (founded Data Viz Journal Club and authored a number of training materials)
  • spearheaded team's efforts towards better testing coverage (Jest, Enzyme, react-testing-library)

Data Visualization Engineer
New York, NY
April 2018 - current
  • led the front-end development of the company's first proprietary A/B Testing platform
  • with a team of 3, designed and developed the front-end of the company's metadata exploration app (which is now open-source!)
  • spearheaded team's adoption of Typescript and pushed for greater testing coverage

Coach / Instructor / Engineer for Data Cult (internal data training program at WeWork)
  • taught courses (Data Visualization 201 / d3.js, Google App Scripts, Flask Apps) to ~ 30 students per cohort
  • coached 6 teams on their data-driven project presentation & implementation
  • maintained the Data Cult website (and ported it to React)
  • built out a full-stack too for Slack communication and cohort management

re# studio
Full Stack Web Developer
Brooklyn, NY
July 2016 - March 2018
  • developed and shipped, often as the only front-end dev, several React web and React Native mobile apps
  • developed a MEAN stack app for selling properties online (focus on integration with Sendgrid, Intercom, and Zendesk APIs)
  • developed a series of quick POC demos, using AI and NLP via chatbot frameworks and D3 for data visualization
  • established and wrote content for company blog
  • executed design overhaul of company website

Fullstack Academy
Assistant Instructor: "Flex" Immersive Program
New York, NY
Sep 2016 - Mar 2017
  • presented ~1 in 4 lectures
  • provided guidance during workshops and office hours, both onsite and remotely
  • capitalized on familiarity with Fullstack Academy curriculum to onboard Senior Instructor

Fullstack Academy
Software Engineer, Teaching Fellow & Admissions Associate
New York, NY
Feb 2016 - July 2016
  • contributed to Fullstack Academy's learning software, participated in design reviews, followed Scrumban Agile
  • answered help tickets for students, conducted code reviews and weekly learning-team lunches, and acted as project manager for senior projects
  • conducted ~3 interviews/week for prospective students
  • presented this tech talk on CSS Animations and this one on Bloom Filters


Self-Structured Data Science Curriculum
2017 - current
  • DAT203.1x: Data Science Essentials (by Microsoft) - Exploration of data science topics such as statistics and probabilty; data visualization using Python and Jupyter Notebooks; predictive analytics with Azure Machine Learning
  • (Data Analyst Path) - ~ 60 hours learning Python, R, and SQL; practice with data cleaning, transformation, and visualization

Fullstack Academy of Code
New York, NY
Nov. 2015 - Feb. 2016
An immersive, full-time software engineering school that focuses on full stack JavaScript web development. Curriculum also includes computer science topics such as data structures and algorithms, as well as more general concepts like functional programming and asynchronous programming.

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
2011 - 2015
B.A. French Literature 2015 · 4.03 GPA
Cornell Tradition Fellow · Corson Prize for French Writing · Phi Beta Kappa honors fraternity